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Odor Monitoring

Odor Monitoring

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The trash room unpleasant odor was always a long term concerned problem happening at 21 Temple Street, causing tenants’ complaints and bad impressions for the new tenants to visit. That situation would also raise the health concern from the tenants and the property managers.  

Our goal was to monitor the unpleasant odor in different locations 24/7, and giving the property managers the fastest cognition of the situation.


  • Automated odor monitoring 24×7 
  • External sensing probe for easy replacement 
  • Snap-N-Go fast and easy installation design 
  • Battery / DC power operated 
  • Independent data network 
  • Cloud based processing 
  • Historical data tracking 
  • Scalable 

Hardware Specification

  • Edge Lite with external odor and temperature probe with LTE-M
  • Edge ECO with LTE-M


Devices were installed to different locations for comprehensive monitoring. 10 – 15 minutes installation time for each location, mounting and testing the connectivity.

Outside of Trash Room

Inside Trash Room

Main Lobby

Data Collection

  • Odor concentration was monitoring the environment every 5-10 minutes;  
    sampling time could be configurable anytime remotely 
  • Data were sent directly to the cloud and to the end user’s server 

Measured in ppb

  • Excellent: < 10 ppb
  • Good: 10 – 100 ppb
  • Moderate: 100 – 2,000 ppb (~130 – perceptible smell; ~500 – rotten eggs smell; ~750 headache with asthma)
  • Poor: > 2,000 ppb

Dashboard and Alert 


IoT helps to reduce down time and improve efficiency and productivity. Softhard.IO was providing the easiest and cost-effective ways for the end users. In this uses case, the collected data could then be used to study the correlation between the weather (temperature/humidity) and the odor concentration to suggest the optimized solutions for various circumstances. The alert notification could also allow to make further direct executions, such as turning on the ventilation fans or air purifiers.