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User Cases

User Cases

Healthy Building Solutions

We enable owners and property managers to provide healthy building solutions without investing network infrastructure and expensive installation cost by using our Snap-N-Go technology

Smart Property Management

Motion detector
Object detector
Distance sensor
Energy Meter
iEQ Sensor

Smart Washroom

Odor Sensor
iEQ Sensor
Time of Flight (ToF) Occupancy Sensor
Radar type People Flow Sensor
All-in-One sensors for hand sanitizer, paper towel
Water tank level Sensor
Ventilation Control

Smart Office

Occupancy Sensor for meeting room
iEQ and Air purifier solution
Occupancy and people counting solution

Smart Construction Engineering

Wind speed and direction sensor
People Tracking
Equipment utilization solution

Odor Monitoring

iEQ Sensor
Specialized gas sensors, H2S, CO, SO2, NO2, TVOC